Minimum Investment: £8,000 + vat

Opportunity: UK

Sector: Leaflet Distribution

Established in 1987 and offering franchises since 2001, DOR-2-DOR with 70 franchisees operating are the largest network specialising in Leaflet Distribution and printing in the UK.

Modern developments, such as websites and other forms of internet marketing, will never offer a challenge to the benefits of being able to reach a targeted market exclusively.

Every home has a Letterbox and according to Direct Marketing Association research (DMA), 93% of householders like getting door drops, vouchers and product samples and research shows leaflets remain in the home for on average 34 days.

Despite the development of the internet and online marketing, Letterbox Marketing is a very important and effective method of local communications and promotion.

The market in the UK is now worth nearly £1billion with 80% of the UK’s top advertisers as well as local and national government, using Letterbox Marketing.

What makes this franchise opportunity so outstanding?
·      The initial launch of each franchise is supported by a local launch programme; this gives the franchisee the opportunity of easily acquiring new clients immediately and giving income potential from the very outset.

·      DOR-2-DOR has perfected a business model as a result of 30 years of successful trading. Operating a proven and successful business model is what franchising should be all about.

·      You will be joining an existing team of franchisees who can all be spoken to and who will confirm their own individual successes. Some franchisees have been in place for many years and now generate substantial incomes.

·      Advertising and promoting your business locally is the key to the success of most franchises. The DOR-2-DOR business model offers you continuous and ongoing free advertising and this benefit alone creates a continually growing client base.

·      Support for our franchisees is our number one priority. We are pro-active in the development of our systems and training and continually and regularly assisting our franchisees as they build their businesses.

DOR-2-DOR are the leading local leaflet distribution company with a successful 30 year track record and have been offering franchises for over 16 years.

Why Develop a local distribution business?

Local businesses know the power of a door drop and 80% of the UK’s top advertisers use letterbox marketing. Leaflet distribution is vibrant and growing the market in the UK is worth nearly one billion pounds.

Distributing advertising material on behalf of local organisations offers a recession proof business and will never be replaced by modern developments such as websites and other forms of internet marketing.

With the extensive support of DOR-2-DOR the business is simple to operate and offers remarkable income potential for a comparatively low initial outlay.


DOR-2-DOR are full members of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and Jeff Frankling, the founder of Zone Marketing, was elected 3 times by members to serve on the Door Drop Council and was chairman of the marketing committee for 4 years during this period. They also support and are full members of the Approved Franchise Association (AFA). The company is also registered with Ofcom – the government’s communication watchdog.

Track record

The DOR-2-DOR franchise offers the great benefit of having been operating for over 30 years, and 50% of the anticipated network is now in place.

Existing franchisees can be identified on the company website and during your due diligence you can speak to some, or all of them to ensure this is the right business for you. There are also numerous videos on the website where franchisees will identify what levels of success they have achieved.

Our website also contains more than one hundred client recommendations and case studies, many from well-known organisations, charities and public organisations providing glowing reviews and feedback on the services we provide.

Despite the fact that this would be classed as a low-cost franchise, the income potential is very significant. Many of the existing franchisees are achieving revenue streams well into six figures and healthy profit margins producing enviable net income.

Three Opportunities in One



Jeff Frankling


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