Music Bus

Minimum Investment: £2,000
Opportunity: UK & Ireland
Sector: Children and Education

The Kids Music Biz in a Box™ is the COMPLETE children’s music business all packaged up in one neat BIG BOX ready for you to unpack. It contains everything you need to set up, market and operate your own children’s music business wherever you are.
With 17 years experience delivering fantastic music classes for babies and toddlers we know exactly what you need to guarantee the success of your business. That’s why we’ve put EVERYTHING together in one place to make setting up and building your business straight forward, saving you time, hassle and money.

What’s Included in the Kids Music Biz in a Box?

All the physical equipment you need to run classes; a fantastic range of musical instruments, puppets, props, parachute, dance scarves, tapsticks, storyboard, artwork, Music Bus banner, songbook, lesson plans, and professionally recorded 200 pieces of music to ensure you offer the very best children’s music classes in your local area.

Comprehensive training

Our comprehensive 2 day initial training gets you quickly up and running and ready to open your very first classes. You’ll learn how to set up your business, register with HMRC, open a business bank account, and how to comply with all the statutory and legal requirements.
We teach you how to successfully market your business locally to ensure huge demand and full classes. You’ll learn to use the latest online technology and social media and how to make the most of Google, Facebook, Twitter and other online tools to market your business and make sure you stay ahead of the competition.
You’ll discover the secrets to running successful music classes, how to use our lesson plans and deliver engaging and dynamic classes, and how to make sure your classes are always a fun filled hour of music and play.

Full Ongoing Support

Once you’re up and running, you’re provided with full ongoing support which is essential for your success. You’re never alone but can rest assured you have the support and guidance of an experienced team on hand to answer all your questions at any stage of your business and guide you forward as you develop and build your classes. In addition, you become a member of the Music Bus Licensee Facebook forum where Licensees share information, stories, and support one another.

Operations Manual

The Music Bus System™ is a complete reference book of all the information you need to successfully run your children’s music business. The accumulated knowledge of 17 years experience with additional input from childcare experts, speech therapist, business mentors and professional musicians condensed into one comprehensive operations manual.
Packed full of instructions, guidance and advice to help you, with an A-Z from choosing venues to keeping you up to date with legislation, the operations manual is a constant point of reference.

Marketing and Administration Tools

All the information, templates and tools you need to set up and run your business. Marketing templates and resources, health and safety, child protection policies, your own email address and webspace, artwork, low cost group rates for insurance.

The security of a renewable 12 month license agreement

We understand life can change and you don’t know exactly what you’ll be doing in 5 years time. With this in mind we’ve made the Music Bus License 1 year but automatically renewable, without paying the initial cost again. This way you can try it out, make sure it suits you and works in your area, without the burden of being tied in for 5 long years.

Our goal is YOUR success. Come and join the fun!


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