Sector: Copywriting / Marketing services

Hi, I’m Jayne Robinson. I’m a freelance copywriter and my business is called the Copy Workshop. For anyone who doesn’t know what a copywriter does, we’re the people who write the words that appear in:

* Brochures and leaflets

* Press releases

* Direct mail

* Blogs

* Adverts including radio scripts

* Advertorials and editorials

* Customer newsletters

* E-shots, websites and any other marketing literature.

So anyone who needs to promote or advertise their business in any way and wants to get the best return on investment would find my services to be invaluable. Why? Because I’m in the business of creating compelling, powerful words that will highlight your business’s key USPs, grab your potential customers’ attention and convince them to respond to your marketing. I always aim to focus on what your customers actually want to BUY, rather buy priligy in malaysia than what you want to sell.

I have a strong corporate background, having worked in communications and marketing roles for smaller businesses, as well as global companies such as Orange, T-Mobile and Intel. I currently work for several small and medium businesses in many different disciplines, and my extensive work with Extra Help and the AFA means that I am particularly experienced in all types of franchise communications.

So if you’re looking to run any kind of marketing activity that will generate significant results for your business, please give me a call!


Jayne Robinson


07951 148375