Sector: Franchise/Licence consultancy

Sports Professionals Consulting aims to add value to any organisation it works with through many ways, often through cost and efficiency savings, but ultimately through significantly increasing revenue far above and beyond any costs, leading to a significant return on the investment for clients.

We put the clients’ interests first and deliver lasting, sustainable benefits to the client in a trust-worthy, independent and objective manner.

For many organisations in this sector, knowing exactly which path to take can be extremely difficult.

Sports Professionals Consulting can guide you through these uncharted and treacherous waters.

Having had the experience of having run multi-million pound global businesses within these sectors, and of helping many other organisations with similar issues, it’s well worth you contacting us to see if we may be able to help you in any way.

Sports Professionals Consulting aims not to act as a crutch, but to develop, support and educate the staff and leadership priligy to buy teams of its clients to develop their own understanding and capabilities, enabling them to continue to develop, improve and grow.

Sports Professionals Consulting, first and foremost, has a passion for these sectors, understanding that most people involved in this field enter into it because of their passion.

This is shared by ourselves, and we use our extensive experience, contacts, knowledge and skills to be able to help your organisation. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to arrange a FREE HEALTH CHECK and an accompanying report on how your organisation could improve.


Mark Rasche


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