Would you like to run your own messy play business?

This week, our spotlight blog is about an AFA member called Mess Around, which organises sessions and parties across the UK that provide children with the opportunity to get messy and explore new, sensory activities. With lots of activities to explore, including their famous, painting wall, little ones can squelch, pour, mix and get messy to their hearts’ content.

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Are you a yoga teacher or enthusiast? Looking to transform your passion into a successful business?

This week, our blog focuses on Go Yoga, an AFA member that offers a unique way to build a successful and financially rewarding business within a network of knowledge, support and training. Your studio becomes your community and enables you to become involved in the fast-growing wellness industry and make a valuable contribution to your local area’s overall wellbeing.

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Q Cleaning Franchise

IMG 1438

Recent statistics show that the size of the UK cleaning industry is estimated at a staggering £7 billion! Whilst there are numerous home-help, domestic cleaning companies, businesses often struggle to find a reliable, contract cleaning service to ensure their premises are always cleaned to a consistently high and professional standard.

This represents an enormous opportunity for Q Cleaning Ltd, one of our AFA members, which concentrates solely on commercial cleaning.

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the Turtle Tots story

Turtle tots 2

Would you like to run a business teaching babies and toddlers to swim, backed by an established brand and all the training you need?

This week, our member spotlight blog focuses on AFA member Turtle Tots, a proven, award-winning, baby and preschool swim school, with over fifty licensees across the UK, Ireland and Australia.

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