Fun Science – Adapting to Covid-19 as a children’s activity franchise

All across the UK, children’s entertainers and activity providers are adapting to our current ‘new normal’. One business that has been adapting in a variety of different ways is Fun Science which has franchised branches across the UK. Read on to find out about some of the different things that Fun Science branch owners are doing. Continue reading “Fun Science – Adapting to Covid-19 as a children’s activity franchise” Ann Naylor franchisee case study

Ann Naylor – From freelancer to franchisee 

Prior to starting her website franchise, Ann was a freelance digital marketing consultant. Whilst she enjoyed the flexibility that came with being self-employed, she missed the security and stability associated with being part of an established organisation. This led her to research online marketing franchise opportunities and discover

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John Wright – From the building industry to building a successful online marketing franchise 

After working in the construction industry for much of his career, John was looking for a new opportunity where he could put his extensive experience in sales and marketing to good use. However, although he wanted the freedom of being self-employed, he also wanted the security of a well-established brand behind him – “I was aware that having a proven business model and recognised brand to work with would give me a much higher success rate than starting a business of my own.” 

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House of Colour Jane Dyson franchisee case study


Mother to six, Jane Dyson (55) from Chiswick, owned her own corporate promotional business in her twenties, sold it to a PLC Company and then became the Managing Director of the Marketing Services Division on their Board. However, Jane has cast aside her corporate role to become a personal stylist, and now two years on, she is being talked about by many as being West London’s colour and style guru. Continue reading “House of Colour Jane Dyson franchisee case study”

House of Colour Karina Leacock franchisee case study


Karina Leacock (47) from North-Sheffield has always had a love for fashion and has always dared to be different including wearing a red leather pencil skirt at her confirmation!  She is now celebrating being one of the leading personal stylists in the UK, with a thriving business built around the needs of her family. Continue reading “House of Colour Karina Leacock franchisee case study” Garry Stewart franchisee case study

Garry Stewart – Finding a better work-life balance 

When Garry started a family, he needed more flexibility than his job in marketing allowed. By taking on a web franchise, he can fit his work in around family life. ‘I still work just as many hours as when I was employed,’ he says, ‘but now I have far more flexibility and enjoy the things that I used to miss out on, like my children’s school plays and sports days.’ 

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Nic & Sarah Johnson – A partnership that works 

Husband and wife team Nic and Sarah Johnson were not initially looking to join a franchise, but after meeting Rob Davies, franchisee for Ryedale, they were interested to discover whether partnering with a well-established brand was a business opportunity that they could happily venture into together. 

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Platinum Property Partners Kelly & Simon Merry franchisee case study

“We were working too hard,” says Kelly Merry, explaining how she and her husband came to be PPP Franchise Partners. “You just go in, don’t you, every morning at seven? Come home, feed the kids, put them to bed and then later, go to bed yourself. It’s like Groundhog Day and you’re exhausted all the time.” Continue reading “Platinum Property Partners Kelly & Simon Merry franchisee case study”

Platinum Property Partners Harry & James Tucker franchisee case study

Like a lot of his generation, 26-year-old James Tucker hasn’t always had a rosy view of landlords. First at university, then during a year’s internship, he lived in HMOs that “just weren’t the best”. His brother Harry, a couple of years his junior, can tell similar stories. “There wasn’t much choice,” says James, “so you had to go with the sub-par property that was on offer.” Continue reading “Platinum Property Partners Harry & James Tucker franchisee case study”