the Turtle Tots story

Turtle tots 2

Would you like to run a business teaching babies and toddlers to swim, backed by an established brand and all the training you need?

This week, our member spotlight blog focuses on AFA member Turtle Tots, a proven, award-winning, baby and preschool swim school, with over fifty licensees across the UK, Ireland and Australia.

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Sing with your bump, baby or toddler in tow!


Our AFA members offer a fantastic and diverse range of business opportunities and, this week, our blog focuses on a franchise where every day is filled with laughter, music and song! It’s a rewarding business that enables you to provide a valuable service to your community, focusing specifically on mums with babies and toddlers, with an immense feel-good factor.

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The Rise And Rise Of Franchising In The UK

With growth comes risk …

Research has recently revealed that nearly 100% of UK-based franchisees have recorded profitability in 2016. This is great news for both franchisees and franchisors, but what does it mean for the industry as a whole?

Long-term, sustained profitability for franchisees usually leads to franchisors expanding their offering both trademark goods or services provided, but also across geographic or demographic borders.

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The AFA serves Christmas lunch to the homeless


The lovely Claire and Naomi from the AFA supported a Devon based homeless charity, Shekinah Mission , by helping to prepare, cook and serve Christmas lunch for 100 homeless people in Plymouth.

Claire said “I felt really humbled this morning. I got out of my bed, got in the shower and made myself a cup of tea and some breakfast. It really hit me what I was going to do today and some people who use Shekinah don’t have anything. I had a chat with some of the people at the centre and they really appreciate what has been done for them today”.

The event was also supported by other local businesses and run in association with local networking group the Six O’Clock Club