Hear from Lingotot Franchisee Layla Riches about her franchise journey

What’s your career background – what did you do before you joined Lingotot?

I am a qualified CELTA teacher, teaching English as a foreign language to adults. I currently work at Coventry University, teaching on the semester courses led by the MFL department. I have also taught on a 1:1 basis, teacher trained volunteers who would like to become tutors and I have mentored many students with their MA studies. Continue reading “Hear from Lingotot Franchisee Layla Riches about her franchise journey”

Find out what being a multiple franchise owner of a theatre school has been like during COVID

Franchise case study: Zoe McKibbin, Razzamataz Edinburgh and Razzamataz Glasgow South


Meet multiple franchise owner with Razzamataz Theatre Schools Zoe McKibbin, age 27 from Glasgow. Zoe took over the Edinburgh school in 2016 and Glasgow South in 2018.

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August updates from Elite Franchise

Elite Franchise August 2020 

Here are a very few of the ‘hottest’ stories so far this August brought to you exclusively by Elite Franchise.

Our lead exclusive interview this month is with Global CEO of Tutor Doctor Frank Milner. Frank’s new objectives are to make the company a household name across the globe. And with 350 franchisees operating 680 territories in 15 countries, it’s now on its way to achieving that. Click here for our main interview this month. Continue reading “August updates from Elite Franchise”

Fantastic Services is paying it forward by opening up their exclusive online training to all

The UK’s leading property-maintenance company is making its custom-built training platform available to everyone. In the light of recent events, the company supported thousands of essential workers and struggling businesses by delivering free cleaning to the UK’s essential workers and developing new antiviral services for commercial clients. Along with that, to mark their 11th anniversary, Fantastic Services decided to empower all the people who lost their job during the economic turmoil, as well as those who gained motivation to start a new business.

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Fantastic Services expands its business into new areas during a crisis

Rune Sovndahl Fantastic Services

The home-maintenance franchise company manages its way through the crisis by striking three new area development agreements. Along with the new services they launch, this expansion proves that Fantastic Services always finds a way to grow. With innovation and competitiveness, they are pushing through the crisis to reach the final destination – success.

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House of Colour Jane Dyson franchisee case study


Mother to six, Jane Dyson (55) from Chiswick, owned her own corporate promotional business in her twenties, sold it to a PLC Company and then became the Managing Director of the Marketing Services Division on their Board. However, Jane has cast aside her corporate role to become a personal stylist, and now two years on, she is being talked about by many as being West London’s colour and style guru. Continue reading “House of Colour Jane Dyson franchisee case study”

House of Colour Karina Leacock franchisee case study


Karina Leacock (47) from North-Sheffield has always had a love for fashion and has always dared to be different including wearing a red leather pencil skirt at her confirmation!  She is now celebrating being one of the leading personal stylists in the UK, with a thriving business built around the needs of her family. Continue reading “House of Colour Karina Leacock franchisee case study”

Engineer To Clean Up In Lowestoft

A former engineer has swapped his toolbox for the opportunity to run his own company after starting out in business as a professional oven valeter.

Bob Knight, who previously worked as a telephone engineer for well-known organisations including BT and the Metropolitan Police Service, in a career spanning more than 35 years, is now the owner of Ovenu Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth.

Bob, 56, who lives in Lowestoft, is also a Technical Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) and was keen to become his own boss, when embarking on a change of direction.

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Dolly Char Franchisee of the year 2014

Dolly Char continues to go from strength to strength with the most recent crop of new recruits all showing some really strong results. At the recent Annual Dinner, Presentation & conference evening held in Horncastle Managing Director Robin Harrison was buoyant with the results witnessed throughout 2014 and looked forward to next year seeing all franchisees exceeding this year’s tremendous results. Robin commented after by saying how pleased he was and thanked all who attended in what was a very special awards evening.

This year’s Dolly Char franchisee of the year award went to June George who runs Dolly Char in the Fife region.  June as built her business up from scratch in a little over two years and now as one of the largest businesses in the group, Junes dedication and hard work as really paid off.

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