Crispin Rhodes

Minimum Investment: £POA

Opportunity: UK

Sector: HR

Crispin Rhodes is a Human Resources consultancy which acts as a ‘bolt on’ HR department to many small companies – helping them to avoid the legal pitfalls in employment by guiding them through the complexity of employment law and enabling them to take the right course of action from the outset. Starting in Milton Keynes over 20 years ago, we are held in high regard by clients who are our raging fans. By survey, 100% of our clients would recommend us to other businesses.

We have a professional approach and an ethical stance to business. No client that has taken our advice has successfully been taken to an employment tribunal or fallen foul of any HR minefield. We try to be fair in all our dealings and we actively seek out opportunities to contribute to the local community.

Engendering a sense of belonging to the client’s team helps us deliver excellent service to clients and makes us different. We like nothing better than to understand the client’s business to enable us to tailor our advice to their needs. We are available, to help them swiftly resolve their issues.

Crispin Rhodes in addition to Milton Keynes now has offices in Watford, Solihull, Reading, Windsor, Aylesbury, Stockport, Thornbury, Enfield, Edinburgh and Northampton. We believe we have a unique franchise business model. Each franchisee is carefully selected to ‘fit’ with Crispin Rhodes. We have rejected well over three hundred potential franchisees.

It was important to us to set up the franchise such that the Franchise Partners felt part of the business and the agreement was carefully written to reflect that. We want our Franchise Partners to be successful, representing us nationwide, so it is important to build on the training we give by providing an active support network. Meeting regularly helps bring the team together whilst individually they do not feel alone. What has surprised and delighted us is the whole hearted way that the Franchise Partners are now supporting each other too.

Regular visits to the satellite offices ensures that the Franchise Partner understands that we are still interested in their success and it is an opportunity for us to help them get more from their business.


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