Turtle Tots

Turtle Tots is a proven, Award Winning Baby & Preschool Swimming School, with over 50 licensees across the UK, Ireland and Australia.

Whether in or out of the water, at Turtle Tots we are passionate about promoting water safety and learn to swim skills to every person possible.

Our aim is focussed on delivering a service that makes it easy and fun for parents, carers and their children to enjoy the water together, whilst working to improve skills and awareness that will help reduce the number of preventable deaths by drowning that happen every year.

Turtle Tots
Turtle Tots

So, why become a Turtle Tots licensee?

A unique programme. The Turtle Tots programme begins with aqua-natal yoga for mums-to-be and continues with progressive baby and toddler swimming classes.

A winning combination of running your own business, with support.   Buying a license means you are investing in a market leading programme and business model.

Flexible working hours. Licensees enjoy flexible working hours, that work perfectly around their busy family lives.

There’s no limit to your success!  Our scalable model allows you to achieve your vision and grow your business.

A trusted distinctive brand. Over 50,000 customers have attended Turtle Tots classes since we launched in 2011.

Multiple revenue streams – including swimming lessons, a gorgeous range of swimwear and merchandise and regular photoshoots.

Unparallelled ongoing business support – including a dedicated Business Development Manager.

Turtle Tots
Turtle Tots

The License Package

The initial license fee is £13,000 plus VAT for one territory, or £16,950 plus VAT for two adjoining territories.

Exclusive territory – the license permits you to use the Turtle Tots brand, within a post-coded territory.

Operations documents – An online library of best practise documents, artwork and videos; everything you need to run your Turtle Tots business.

Specialist and progressive teaching plans – our bespoke Turtle Tots teaching plans and schemes of work.

World class comprehensive Turtle Tots aquatic training – Ten days intensive training, including shadowing classes, a boot-camp style residential course, and teaching assessed lessons.

Specialist aqua yoga training – A four-day bespoke Turtle Tums course.

Practical business training – Two days initial hands-on business training at Turtle Towers in Bristol.

Technology – online training to use “Bubble”, our bespoke business management system.

Website – a mini-site on our website.

Supplies – a comprehensive pack of personalised stationery and marketing materials, branded clothing and teaching equipment.

Merchandise – an initial supply of £1,000 of Turtle Tots branded swimwear for you to sell to your customers, worth around £2,000 in revenue.

Online Advertising – the setup of a Google Adwords account with three months of advertising spend to make it easier for your new customers to find you online.

The initial license fee starts at £13,000 + VAT, and even in your first year, you can reasonably expect to earn £20,000+ and be spending 5-7 hours a week in the pool.

With hard work, motivation and our support, it’s possible to earn far more.  Established businesses can turn over more than £300,000 and with earnings of £60,000+ for licensees.

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