Chat Heroes

A new positioning of Outsourced and ‘live’ Manned web chat services in the UK

After more than 300 face-to-face meetings and 500+ Skype/phone calls with business owners, sector influencers and digital experts I genuinely believe the UK is ready for the Chat Heroes service.

I have discovered (since 1st February 2016) after thousands of miles of driving and hours of listening that quality business owners across the country do indeed desire professional outsourced and ‘live’ manned web chat based in the UK.

Their past hesitation has not been about our ‘free trial, no tie-in contract, non-payper-lead bundles of chats’, but rather these two key questions being answered:

  1. How will your agents know all about my business to give a truly professional customer service experience?
  2. How can I/we be assured that our brand and reputation will not be irreparably damaged by Chat Heroes?

Due to the numerous case studies and testimonials we now have at we can answer both questions in a way no other UK based web chat provider who specialises in ‘only’ web chat and web chat alone can.

Therefore, with more than a dozen key partners, a genuine wave of interest and enthusiastic collaboration from the most forward thinking digital providers in our country and in the background, nearly three years of web chat experience at nil-cost for Charities, Chat Heroes are leading the way.

Should you desire to work with Chat Heroes as a client or partner please contact me, Paul Lawton via and unless I am with a partner, I will openly and in detail, explain my ‘offline’ thinking in an ‘online’ world that is game changing the online engagement space in the UK right now.

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