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Franchise Events

They say two heads are better than one. What about 50 heads… or even 100? By bringing all of your franchisees together you can develop your business from the inside out. You will have a room full of people who understand the day to day workings of your organisation. Think of the creative juices that you can get flowing in that environment. Your franchisees will benefit from the experience of the rest of the group and you will benefit from their success.

You can also ensure that your whole community are working in the same way towards the same goals.

Part of the reason a new business owner decides to choose a franchise is because of the network of support. That goes beyond the support of the franchisor. Events are a key part of any franchise; from initial training through to national conferences and social networking events.

dbox events are specialists in franchise networks and can help you to deliver a successful events programme to your whole community.

The Power of Being There

Hear the words straight from the horse’s mouth. Feel the energy in the room as the lights go down. Give birth to new ideas as you feed off the creativity of those around you. At dbox events, we believe in the power of being there and seeing it all first hand. Webinars and conference calls are great, but they can’t recreate the excitement and inspiration of a live event.

In today’s digital world, it is easy to forget that face to face interaction is still an integral part of our social behaviour. Networking with our peers and sharing experiences is a key component to building relationships that can help us to grow both professionally and personally.

Never ‘off the shelf’

Your business is unique, with specific needs and a one-of-a-kind story. We think that the events you hold should tell that story rather than rolling out the same old stuff.

Our process begins by getting to know you and your team. What makes you tick? What drives your business? How can an event help to grow and develop your organisation?

We will invite you to a discovery meeting where we will aim to understand what the need for the event is and how we can help you achieve your goals.

Mix Business with Pleasure

Events shouldn’t be boring—even if your content is complicated and technical. We believe that every event should get people talking and sharing. We work with you to design content as well as logistics to ensure your message gets across.

The days of the ‘traditional conference’ are long gone and people want more from their experience than just sitting and listening. We will work with you to make sure your event is engaging, entertaining and memorable.

Quality Accreditation

The AFA provides the Franchise Industry within the United Kingdom with a voluntary, self-regulatory body; serving its members, potential new franchisees and the industry as a whole.

Ethical Values

Our Ethical Practises

Our Values & Principles ensure our organisation remains focused and driven to our collective objectives, surrounding the growth, development and awareness of the Franchise Industry within the United Kingdom.

Support and Information


Whether you are seeking a franchise opportunity or are an existing franchisor, the AFA provides you with guidance, support and straightforward advice.



We are committed to supporting the collective franchising community and ultimately contributing to the development of the UK franchising industry.

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