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“We have always found Claire and her team to be great people to deal with. The AFA shares many many of our own values and ethos and are is a progressive company. Membership gives us access to a whole host of benefits and adds real value to our franchise offering.”

Stephen Trezona, Managing Director – Clear Brew Ltd

“We have worked with the AFA for many years and enjoyed an excellent working relationship. Ovenu has always maintained high standards and, as a member of the AFA, this has continued to enhance and strengthen our standing within the franchising sector.
Effective two-way communication is crucial to building a long and sustainable partnership and the AFA’s values and principles, in addition to its ongoing support and advice, have served Ovenu and our franchise network very well.”

Rik Hellewell, Managing Director – Ovenu

“Being part of the Approved Franchise Association helps us greatly as an organisation. The fresh, modern approach to the franchise industry is refreshing. Our Franchise Partners can have peace of mind that we have their backing too, which adds value to our business.”

Jo Middleton, Managing Director – Dog First Aid

“As a supplier to the franchise industry, it’s really important for us to spend time infront of customers. The AFA allows us to build credibility with customers to demonstrate our focus on the franchising industry; it, provides opportunities to connect with franchisors both electronically, and face to face. It allows us to cost- effectively demonstrate our commitment to supporting franchises to be ran ethically and profitably. We generally find the brands who are part of the AFA are trend setters in their industries, willing to stand out and try to be more innovative, and that’s exactly the types of businesses we want to work with.”

Kieran James, Managing Director – Paykeeper

Quality Accreditation

The AFA provides the Franchise Industry within the United Kingdom with a voluntary, self-regulatory body; serving its members, potential new franchisees and the industry as a whole.

Ethical Values

Our Ethical Practises

Our Values & Principles ensure our organisation remains focused and driven to our collective objectives, surrounding the growth, development and awareness of the Franchise Industry within the United Kingdom.

Support and Information


Whether you are seeking a franchise opportunity or are an existing franchisor, the AFA provides you with guidance, support and straightforward advice.



We are committed to supporting the collective franchising community and ultimately contributing to the development of the UK franchising industry.

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